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Asaka πŸ”’

Pleroma β€” A lightweight federated server and client for microblogging services like #Mastodon and #GNUSocial, supporting both #OStatus and #ActivityPub

Read @lain's introduction to #Pleroma:

I grabbed a few of @asaka 's images to use as bg for my page and add a little arg to toggle it.

and so on...

I think my fav is 7

@asaka is the best I met here making digital collages :blobcatcamera:


@asaka @astheroth is this yours? The background can be easily found online but the effects on top are quite exotic and create an even more chill ambiance (even if kinda amateur)

#undertale #muffet :star_eyes:☺️ ☺️ ☺️ #fanart she's so adorable (I didn't remember her clothes so I draw randomly ......